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Shandong, China
© A. Underhill & L. Nicholas
Pre-Longshan-period Cup

Explore Dr. Feinman's previous expedition seasons in Shandong to see what the team uncovered each year—and learn what it's like to conduct an archaeological survey in China!

2008 Season: Check out the final survey season as the team concludes their 14-year walkover of Shandong Province and analyzes the site of Langyatai—a Han-era settlement that, according to legend, was visited three times by the first emperor of China.

2007 Season: Take a look at the team's 13th season in Shandong, as they observe village life in modern-day rural China while uncovering sites from the Longshan period (3rd millennium BC).

2006 Season: Follow along as the team spends their 12th season systematically walking over the Shandong countryside looking for the surface remnants of Han-era archaeological sites, including Xin Liu and Da Tu Shan.

2005 Season: Learn more about the team's 11th season discovery of  an extrememly rare settlement dating to the Early Dawenkou period (approximately 5,000 years old)—it's the third oldest community yet found during the survey!

2004 Season: Keep up with the team's 10th season as they map several large Longshan-era sites and teach students at Shangdong University about archaeological survey techniques.

2003 Season: Discover the team's progress during their 9th season as they learn about local customs and work to define the boundaries of Yao Wang Cheng, a Longshan-era capital city.

2002 Season: Find out more about the project beginnings and the team's work during their 8th season, the first year that Expedtions at The Field Museum followed Dr. Feinman in the field.