Videos & Interactives

For Expeditions at The Field Museum, we asked botanist Laura Briscoe to document the team’s daily life and discoveries during their survey of bryophytes (mosses, liverworts, and hornworts) along Chile's Cape Horn Archipelago. You can view these videos individually below, or you can visit the The Field Museum's Early Land Plants Portfolio or Expeditions Channel on Vimeo.

Project Manager/Producer: Kimberly Singleton, Video Editor: Alexandra Samochina, Videographers: Laura Briscoe and Blanka Shaw, Field Team: John Engel, Bill Buck, Matt von Konrat, Laura Briscoe, Paddy Dalton, Ernesto Davis, Niels Klazenga, Juan Larraín, Blanka Shaw, John Spence, and the crew of the Don Jose Miguel.