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Luzon Island, Philippines
© D. Balete
Philippine Rainforest
© The Field Museum, V. Simeonovski, 2007
Fruit Bat Poster
© The Field Museum, GN91218_027d, Photographer Karen Bean
Mammal Collections

To learn more about Philippine rainforests and wildlife, as well as mammal research conducted by Field Museum scientists, check out the following online resources:

Vanishing Treasures of the Philippine Rain Forest
Discover more about the amazing plants and animals that make their home in mossy cloud forests! View an online version of the now out-of-print book "Vanishing Treasures of the Philippine Rain Forest," written in 1998 by two field Museum biologists—zoologist Lawrence Heaney and botanist Jacinto Regalado—as part of the centennial celebration of the Philippine declaration of independence from Spain.


Synopsis of Philippine Mammals
Explore the enormous variety of mammals documented by the Philippine Mammal Project on Dr. Heaney's website, which features photos, maps, and more describing the distributions of each species, their relationships within the tree of life, their ecology, and their conservation status.

Philippine Mammal Posters & Guides
Download a wonderful variety of posters and guides, produced as part of the Philippine Mammal Project, that show select groups of mammals from Luzon Island, or specific parts of Luzon.


Field Museum Division of Mammals
Learn more about The Field Museum's fantastic mammal collections, which were founded in 1893 in the wake of the World Columbian Exposition in Chicago and have grown into one of the world's premier resources for the study of mammalian evolution.

Wildlife Conservation Society of the Philippines
Keep up to date with efforts to conserve Philippine biodiversity and meet the passionate people who are studying and protecting the island's unique wildlife!

International Biogeography Society
Investigate the patterns and processes in the geography of nature, including evolution, ecology, and conservation of biodiversity.