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Transantarctic Mountains
© The Field Museum, GEO86416_022d, D. Scher
Fossil Dragonfly
© The Field Museum, GEO84844c, R. Testa.
Pallasite Meteorite
© N.D. Smith
CTAM Campsite

To learn more about research in paleontology and geology conducted by Field Museum scientists and others, check out the following online resources:


The Field Museum's Geology Department
Find out more about the museum's world-renowed collections of fossils and meteorites that draw researchers from around the globe to study them. The scientists in the Department of Geology, together with colleagues at local universities, form one of the nation's largest concentrations of paleontologists, and one of the key meteoritics research groups in the world!


The Field Museum's Paleontology Collections
Check out enormous variety of fossil, gem, mineral, and meteorite collections at The Field Museum, including photo archives of long-ago fossil-hunting expeditions as well as the paintings of famous dinosaur artist Charles R. Knight. Amassed over the last 100 years or so, the paleontological collections rank among the world's ten largest and include millions of individual fossilized organisms.

Robert A. Pritzker Center for Meteoritic & Polar Studies
Discover the largest meteorite collection at a private institution and learn how our specimens provide an invaluable resource to the cosmochemistry, meteoritics, and polar studies community.


TAM Camp
Explore Transantarctic Mountains Camp and find out how scientists working through the U.S. Antarctic program identify their research priorities and determine which locations to explore next!

Augustana College Center for Polar Studies
Discover more about such topics as polar ecosystems, polar earth history, global warming, and more on this website from Augustana College's Center for Polar Studies, one of The Field Museum's collaborators our 2010 expedition.

Tranantarctic Vertebrate Paleontology Project
Learn more about the work of Dr. Bill Hammer, a co-collaborator during the 2010 expedition, who has been conducting fossil-hunting expeditions in Antarctica for more than 20 years!

Antarctic Vertebrates: Ancient Life at High Latitude
Find out more about Antarctic vertebrates from the Triassic period on Dr. Chris Sidor's website, who was a co-collaborator for the 2010 expedition.