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Moreton Bay, Australia

To learn more about the Bivalve Tree of Life project, The Field Museum's mollusk collections, and many other online resources for adults and children, check out the following websites:

The Bivalve Tree of Life website invites you to explore the world of mollusks, meet the "Bivalve of the Day," and learn more about the work of Dr. Bieler and his colleagues. And for serious students of malacology, you'll discover volunteer opportunties, job availabilities, and many additional resources for your studies.

The Field Museum's Division of Invertebrates houses and maintains a collection of approximately 4.5 million mollusk specimens, and now ranks among the top three or four in North America! 

Our Water Calculator provides you with tips and tricks on how to reduce your water footprint as well as information on the water-related research that Field Museum scientists perform.

The Whyreef food web game gives children a chance to discover the fascinating creatures that live on a coral reef, play fun games that reveal who eats whom, and learn what to do keep coral reefs healthy.