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Körös Region, Hungary
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Stone Arrowheads
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Beaded Mocassins

To learn more about our Western Europe prehistory collections as well as archaeological expeditions and anthropological research conducted by Field Museum scientists, check out the following online resources.

Western Europe Prehistory Collections
A major component of the Museum's European holdings is the Old World Prehistory collection from Western Europe. One of the best collections of its kind in the United States, it contains more than 47,000 artifacts, including stone and bone tools from prehistoric France, painted art objects, and other items that are pieces in the puzzle of evolving human ecology.


Anthropology Department
The Anthropology Department at The Field Museum is all about what makes us human, our place in nature, our common concerns, and our differences. Field Museum anthropologists explore these issues through laboratory and collections-based research at the Museum and at field sites throughout the world.

Anthropology Collections
The Anthropology Collection contain objects that were once in the hands of individual people attempting to solve everyday problems in their environments. These collections offer a basis for solving two crucial contemporary problems: how to respect and preserve cultural diversity, and how to protect the natural diversity on which all life depends.