Related Exhibitions

If you've enjoyed following along with the team's expedition and would like to learn more about the evolution of plants, the study of their genetic relationship, and the conservation of threatened habitats, consider planning a visit to some of the following exhibitions at The Field Museum.

Evolving Planet
How did life on Earth—including the earliest land plants—evolve? Explore the awe-inspiring process, and the science that reveals it, in a spectacular journey through four billion years of life on Earth. Unique fossils, animated videos, hands-on interactive displays, and recreated sea- and landscapes help tell the compelling story of our Evolving Planet.

DNA Discovery Center
Discover what DNA is, how it works, and what it can tell us about all life on Earth—including plants. At the Daniel F. and Ada L. Rice DNA Discovery Center, you can experience the Field Museum's Pritzker Laboratory, a working state-of-the-art DNA research facility where dozens of scientists are currently analyzing the DNA of thousands of different species—from the lichens of Antarctica to the liverworts of New Zealand.

Abbott Hall of Conservation: Restoring Earth
Find out how The Field Museum is leading the way in conservation when you explore the Abbott Hall of Conservation: Restoring Earth exhibition. Field Museum scientists are providing the tools to conserve wilderness and protect Earth’s biodiversity, all while improving local livelihoods and fostering human connections with nature. Join in the adventure when you journey to the depths of lush Peruvian forests and come across rare and remarkable living treasures. Travel with scientists by boat and helicopter to remote locations as they protect huge tracts of wilderness. See how Field Museum scientists and volunteers are teaming up to restore the Chicago region’s native habitats, and learn what you can do to get involved.

Plants of the World
From the littlest liverwort to the tallest redwood, the diversity of plant life is astounding. Visitors to Plants of the World can discover plants from all over the globe through stunning, accurate recreations. Visible are every petal and pistil, giving you an inside view into the complicated anatomy of plant life. In addition, the exhibition pairs plants with their uses in the modern world, encouraging a greater appreciation for the plants all over the Earth that affect our lives every day.