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Transantarctic Mountains
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Team Members

Keep up on the latest headlines featuring Pete and Nate and their colleagues on the Antarctica project—watch related videos, and take a look at articles about the team's unfolding research since the 2010-11 expedition!


Digital Planet Antarctica Showcase: Check out a series of short videos on Pete and Nate's Antarctic adventures, created by youth who participated in the Digital Planet program at The Field Museum.

Interviews with Dr. Phil Currie: Watch a series of video interviews with team member Dr. Phil Currie, who in 2010 was awarded the Alberta Order of Excellence, the highest honor that the Province of Alberta, Canada, can bestow on a citizen.


The Burke Blog: Take a look at Burke Museum blogs by Chris Sidor, Adam Huttenlocker, and Brandon Peecock, three University of Washington colleagues that participated in the 2010-11 expedition.


"Return of the Dinosaur (Hunters):" Check out The Antarctic Sun's article about the team's 2010-11 expedition and their surprising finds of ornithiscian and saurischian dinosaur bones.

"Dawn of an Age:" Read more about team member Roger Smith's Triassic vertebrate fossil finds atop Graphite Peak during the expedition.

"Interns Stand Out in The Field:" Learn more about the intern partnership between The Field Museum and Augustana College, co-collaborators on the 2010-11 expedition.

"U of A Snowbirds to Winter at South Pole:" Check out an article from the University of Alberta Research Department on the work of Anarctica colleagues Philip Currie and Eva Koppelhus.