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The Field Museum has many student programs available for every age group. To learn more about educator workshops, student internships, and more, please see our Educator Programs. For information on events and activities for families, please visit our Family Programs page.


Illinois Educator Handout
Our downloadable handout let's you check out ideas for how to teach about ants and align your curriculum with core disciplinary ideas from A Framework for K-12 Science Education, the foundation of the Next Generation Science Standards.

Ants Poster
Download our colorful "Ants of the Florida Keys" poster to discover the many fascinating species that inhabit this region of the country, and learn more about which species are native, which are invasive, and where each can be found.

N.W. Harris Learning Center
Specimens and artifacts from the N. W. Harris Learning Collection at The Field Museum gives educators and parents the chance to take the Museum's collection to their classroom or home. With over 400 unique Exhibit Cases (mini-dioramas) and 70 Experience Boxes (hands-on kits) your options are endless! Take a look at just a few of the Exhibition & Experience boxes you can enjoy below:

Insect Exhibit Boxes
Check out take-home displays of ants, wasps, bees, and other related social insects to learn more about their lifestyles, habitats, and roles in the environment.


Insect Experience Boxes
Examine insect fossils, explore artifacts made from beetle casings, and investigate the different kinds of homes made by ants and other insects when you borrow one of our many insect experience boxes.


Below are a few offerings for students that target topics such as soil studies, DNA sequencing, and more. For a complete listing and details about preparing for and scheduling field trips, please view our Field Trip Programs page, where you can download our Student & Educator Program Catalog or sign up for field trips via our Illinois Online Registration Form or Out-of-State Online Registration Form.

Also, take time to explore ideas for activities relating to evolution, genetic sequencing, and more by downloading our DNA Discovery Center Educator Guide. (PDF format, 42pp, 4.7 mb)

Student programs at the Museum are available Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10am–12:30pm, including 30 minutes for lunch. Cost is $4.50/student. Maximum of 35 students.


Soil Adventure
Explore soils and the critters that play an important role in our underground ecosystem. Programs at the Museum include a guided visit to the Underground Adventure exhibition.
Supports NGSS 2-LS4-1.


Soil Adventure
Model the movement of matter through our soil ecosystem and explore the critters that play an important role in decomposition. Programs at the Museum include a guided visit to the Underground Adventure exhibition.
Supports NGSS 5-LS2-1.


Mapping the Tree of Life Using DNA
Investigate how DNA analysis has changed our understanding of the relatedness of life on Earth. Extract DNA in a lab and interview scientists in the DNA Discovery Center exhibition.
Supports NGSS MS-LS4-2.


Mapping the Tree of Life Using DNA
Investigate how DNA analysis has changed our understanding of hominid evolution. Extract DNA in a lab, interview real scientists in the DNA Discovery Center exhibition, and explore our collection of hominid remains in Evolving Planet.
Supports NGSS HS-LS4-1.