About the Expedition

East Pacific Rise

The cruise sails on-board the R/V ATLANTIS out of Panama on October 31, 2003. A five-and a-half day transit will bring the ship over the hydrothermally active East Pacific Rise. If all goes well, the next 19 days will be spent exploring the sea floor nearly 2000 meters below with the manned research submersible, ALVIN. These dives will explore unknown areas for new vent fields, collect animals from five distinct hydrothermal vent fields, collect water samples from vents, or smokers, with temperatures up to 310°C, and recover experiments that were purposefully left behind one year ago. Field Museum curator Dr. Janet Voight will serve as Chief Scientist on this ALVIN cruise, a Field Museum first. Join Janet and her distinguished science team for what will hopefully be a successful cruise with unexpected discoveries.