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Ecuador & Peru

Mario Yánez-Muñoz

Reptiles & Amphibians

Mario has dedicated the last ten years to studying Ecuador’s amphibians and reptiles. His contributions range from discovering new species to studies broadening our understanding of the Ecuadorean fauna, from macroecology to altitudinal diversity patterns and conservation status of threatened species. In Dureno, during his most recent inventory with The Field Museum, Mario discovered a new glass frog, a beautiful Hyalinobatrachium.        


Pablo Venegas

Reptiles & Amphibians

Pablo is a Peruvian herpetologist working in the Andes, in dry forests in northern Peru, and in the Amazonian forests in northeastern Peru. He is interested in the taxonomy and conservation of frogs and reptiles and has described six new frog species (Gastrotheca ossilaginis, G. phalarosa, Eleutherodactylus corrugatus, E. stictobounbonis, E. wagteri, and Atelopus pyrodactylus) and one new species of gecko (Phyllopezus maranjonensis). This was his first inventory with The Field Museum.